Celebration of Hossaena

Program: Tour to historic route to celebrate Hossaena (Palm Sunday ) ,Siklet ( Good Friday) and Fasika (Easter)
Tour Code: TT1305
Duration: 8 nights/  9days
Transportation: Land/Air


Hossaena -Palm Sunday

It is celebrated before a week of Easter. It commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ with the disciples into Jerusalem. People welcomed Jesus by spreading palm branches. Axum, is the best place in Ethiopia to witness this celebration.

Siklet- Good Friday and Fasika- Easter

Easter week in Ethiopia follows a similar pattern as in other countries, although the celebrations almost always fall on a different set of dates. Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and devout believers spend it performing sigdet, which means to bow down in worship of God. The Saturday evening before Fasika celebrates Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, and a day of Fasika itself is culmination of Lent – a 55 –day fast from dairy and meat.

The dates of Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter celebrations are not fixed as the celebration date depends on the 55 days fasting time. The reckoning of Easter is based upon the system of Ammonius. The dates of Easter and the feast which depends upon it are determined by the Fasting of Nineveh which precedes the Easter Lent and in turn the date of the fast of Nineveh has been found according to the given principles, the date of Easter and the dates of the movable feast can easily be calculated.

9 days tour to celebrate Hossaena in Axum and Good Friday celebration with eve of Easter celebration in Labella

Day 1:ARRIVAL- On this day you will be met by your professional guides, half day city tour to the National & Ethnological museums.  Overnight in a hotel.

Day 2: ADDIS ABABA-AXUM- fly to Axum and upon arrival start your visit of the city of Axum, the ancient capital of the mythical kingdom of Aksum. Visit the steles, the tomb of King Kaleb, stone of Ezana, the monastery of St. Pantaleon, thrones of stone, the cathedral, the archaeological museum. After your visit, you will witness the interesting ceremony of Eve of Hosanna held out side the church which we recommend clients to see. Overnight in a hotel

Day 3: AXUM-GONDAR- fly to Gondar and visit King Fasil castle compound, baths,the church of Debre Birhan and Queskuam churches. Overnight in a hotel

Day 4: GONDAR– BAHIR DAR- drive about 180 km to the city of Bahir Dar, head to the Blue Nile Falls for a visit.
Overnight in a hotel

Day 5: BAHIR DAR- Morning visit of the Island Monasteries on Lake Tana.  And in the afternoon visit market place if the day falls on a market day or visit the city of Bahir Dar. Overnight in a hotel

Day 6: BAHIR DAR – LALIBELA- Early drive will take you to the city of Lalibela, along the way admire the local Amhara village and their farm land. Up on arrival transfer to your hotel and refresh. Overnight in a hotel

Day 7: LALIBELA- In the morning visit of Ethiopia’s most famous rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. In the afternoon, witness the Good Friday ceremony at Bete Mariam rock-hewn church. This is a special day for Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and it is celebrated with a great devotion and in a very ancient way. On this day, the faithful who has been fasting the whole day with out any water or food, dressed in their dazzling white cloths, folk to St. Mary’s church to attend the prayers and performance of the priest and deacons.   It really creates a special feeling to witness the devotion of the faithful and the special practices made on this day remembering the suffering of Jesus Christ when he was crucified. Every performance of the priest and the deacons as well as the devotion of the people takes you centuries back. Overnight in a hotel

Day 8: Lalibela - In the morning, you will visit the church of Asheton Mariam and after lunch, you will visit one of the most colorful annual Easter Market at Lalibela. On this day people from the surrounding countryside and town, walk for days to buy/barter different goods the open-air market. Here group will have the chance to bargain for different handicrafts and traditional Ethiopian Cloths. In the evening, you will witness one of the most important ceremonies in one of the biggest rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, Bete Medhanialem, as well  all the churches of the town will be filled with people who have been fasting for 55 days. None of them have eaten any thing at least for a day and half and are without any water and food. They are here to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and there will be prayers and candle light ceremonies accompanied by chanting and dancing of the priest until 3:00 in the morning. It’s only after the ceremony is over  every body goes home to break the fasting with the special Easter meal and the feast which has begun at the church continues all day long and the and weeks to come. Overnight in a hotel

Day 9: LALIBELA – ADDIS ABABA- After breakfast, transferred to the airport for your flight back to Addis Ababa, evening dinner at one of the traditional restaurant and experience Ethiopian dances, test the dishes. Departure

The specific dates and months for the holiday differ from year to year so, the tour can be arranged as time of the festival approaches.

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